Ordering Custom Coins F.A.Q.

We have listed some of our most commonly asked ordering questions below.

custom-coins-microsoftWhat you should know about ordering custom coins

Ordering from the Monterey Company will make your task for ordering custom coins fast and easy. Our custom coins ordering FAQ answers many of the questions you may have regarding ordering coins.

1. Question:  “How long does it take to receive a coin quote?" 

Answer: When submitting a quote request we will get back to you the same day or by the next business day by the latest. We will call you at the number you provide us but we understand if you prefer to have us respond by email. Either way, we will follow up with you asap!

2. Question: “How much will it cost to have a coin designed?" 

Answer: This is the million dollar question! Pricing varies on a variety of options. A simple 1 1/2" coin with an antique bronze finish and no color would be a whole less pricey compared to a 2" custom shaped coin with hard enamel. With that said, your design can be made into a coin to fit any budget. Just let us know if you would like a promotional coin that is simple and not to expensive ( Around $3.39 each @ 100 )  or a custom coin with all the bell and whistles or somewhere in between.

3. Question: “How long does it take to design a proof ?"  

Answer:  One to three days depending on the complexity of your coin design is our standard turn-a-round when design coin proofs. We offer FREE Artwork & Design with unlimited revisions.

4. Question: “How long does it take to manufacture a customized coin?"

Answer: Production times will vary but 12 to 15 days is standard when creating a custom made coin.3d-enamel-centenial-coin

5. Question: “What is the minimum order quantity when ordering coins?"

Answer: Ordering Custom Coins from us, means you can order as few as 50 coins.

6. Question: “Can you see samples of  custom coins showing some design options?" 

Answer: Yes! We would happy to mail you samples so can see our quality.

7. Question: “How much does it cost?" 

Answer: Pricing varies on the style of the coin you select. Our coin quote will include all the options related to your design. It is standard to pay a die charge on orders less than 300 coins. Shipping charges are minimal and will also be in the quote we provide. To give you a rough idea, 1.75" challenge coins with color on two sides are as low as $3.50 each.

8. Question: “What size should a custom made coin be?"

Answer: Most firefighter challenge coins average 1.75", whereas a custom geocoin can be made into a custom shape up to 2 1/2". The real answer is, your design and ideas and budget will help us decide on the best size to use for your custom coins.

9. Question: “Can your coins be engraved with sequential number or names?" custom-poker-coins

Answer:  We can engrave coins with sequential numbers, names or even trackable numbers for geocachers.

10. Question: “What kind of enamel coin options are there?"

Answer: As a custom coin maker, we can design coins using soft, hard or transparent enamels. The epoxy coating can be added to any coin. Not sure what hard enamel is? No worries, we can show you the difference and make sure your manufactured coins look awesome!

11. Question: “Should your coin design be made into 3D?"  

Answer: YES, the cost for making your art proof 3D design is the same as a 2D coin proof and 3D really make your design stand out. 3D die charges will run around $50 to $100.00 more than a 2D die but it is worth it, if your budget allows for it.

12. Question: “What metals are custom coins made of?" 

Answer: Most of our coins are manufactured in bronze or brass. If your design is over 2.5" we may suggest using zinc to save on die charges.

13. Question: “What is the best plating to use?" 

Answer: We offer 15 different plating options and we also have 12 custom coin background textures to choose from. Dual plated coins are also a great option when you need part of your design to really stand out! We also offer ribbed edges and diamond cut edges.

14. Question: Do you make challenge coins?"  

Answer: Yes, we make military challenge coins, police coins, and firefighter challenge coins. Our minimum order size is 50 coins for any law enforcement agency.

coin-design-proofHere's the best part why using the Monterey Company as your coin maker is the best choice!

Ordering Custom Coins from the Monterey Company comes with a Guaranty!

We offer a 100% Quality Guarantee. We will replace (at no additional charge to you) any custom made product we manufacture found to have defects in materials or workmanship. If an error is made by us, we will remake the order and expedite production and shipping. The Monterey Company is a well-trusted coin maker and we work with fortune 500 companies that re-order from us because we manufacture coins to perfection on every single order!

Here are few more things to know about custom made coins.

How do I place an order for custom coins?

Placing an order for coins is pretty simple and starts with you reaching out to us via phone or our quote request form. Here are a few things that will be needed when placing your order.

Do you make Geo Caching coins?

Yes we do and we are an authorized manufacturer for Geocaching.com!

How are the coins shipped?

We ship your custom coin order via Fedex 3day air. Please make sure to let us know if you would like to ship to an APO and we will ship via USPS instead.

Do you offer a rush service?

We do offer a rush service and you will need to discuss this with your sales rep. We do not guaranty delivery dates. We do usually deliver when say we do but occasionally there may be a delay with our carriers.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, Paypal and company checks.

Do you offer custom coin packaging?

All custom coins are individually packaged in a protective clear PVC pouch.  However, good design and craftsmanship never end with just the product.  It's the packaging that finishes off the statement you are trying to make with your well-designed custom coin.  Packaging sets the tone for the value message you are sending to the recipient and conveys how precious a keepsake it truly is.  This is why we, at The Monterey Company Shop, have made sure to provide you with a comprehensive list of options with which to package your custom coin with.  We offer plastic coin capsule, boxes, and velvet pouches for you to choose from.  If these don’t meet your needs we also do custom design packaging for you.

Request A Free Design Proof

We offer free design proofs and it all start with you requating a quote!